January 22, 2024

AI Ready RVA Committee and Xponent21 Unveil Groundbreaking Custom GPTs, Available for Free

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Image of the Open AI custom GPT view taken by Will Melton.

Richmond, VA – AI Ready RVA, in collaboration with its committee members and Xponent21, is proud to announce the launch of several innovative custom GPTs. These tools, designed to assist in various professional and personal scenarios, are currently free to use, showcasing the committee’s dedication to AI advancement in the Richmond region.

  1. New Business Pathway Builder
    Thinking about starting a new business? AI can help you find the perfect fit and guide you down the pathway to starting your new endeavor. Developed by Xponent21, this GPT helps aspiring entrepreneurs identify and plan high-demand businesses tailored to their interests and circumstances. It provides step-by-step guidance from the initial idea to business execution.
    Access New Business Pathway Builder
  2. Laila the Prompt Librarian
    Created by the AI Ready RVA committee, Laila efficiently generates custom AI prompts for specific use cases, assisting users in maximizing their AI experience with minimal effort. Provide Laila with a use case and a category under that use case and she will produce a list of prompts to get your thinking started.
    Meet Laila the Prompt Librarian
  3. Caren the Customer Service Assistant
    This AI tool, another creation by AI Ready RVA committee member Will Melton after an extremely frustrating experience with an Amazon purchase, specializes in helping users navigate complex customer service issues with personalized, actionable advice and language to navigate conversations.
    Try Caren the Customer Service Assistant
  4. RavenClick Video SEO Wizard
    Your website isn’t the only thing that can be optimized for search engine visibility. From the innovative team at Xponent21, this GPT excels in optimizing YouTube videos for search engines, providing a comprehensive approach to SEO for video content. This helps your videos show up in search results on Google, Bing, YouTube, and other search engines.
    Explore RavenClick Video SEO Wizard
  5. Brand Insight Analyst
    Your brand is about much more than a logo. Another product of Xponent21’s creative efforts, this GPT specializes in conducting in-depth brand evaluations based on a specific set of questions, delivering insightful brand analysis reports and recommendations for improving your brand presence.
    Consult Brand Insight Analyst
  6. Meeting Maven
    Need better than bland meeting summaries? Developed by an AI Ready RVA committee member, Meeting Maven expertly summarizes meeting notes, organizing them into key takeaways, summaries, action items, and more, streamlining the post-meeting process. It was developed for use by the AI Ready RVA committee but can be used by anyone to summarize meeting transcripts.
    Utilize Meeting Maven

These custom GPTs, available ahead of the GPT store release, demonstrate AI Ready RVA’s commitment to promoting practical AI applications for Richmond’s workforce and beyond. Use these GPTs while they are still free and level up your AI experience.

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